Waushara County Hunting Land

Hwy 21 Auroraville, WI

Waushara County Hunting Land

Hwy 21 Auroraville, WI
$239,900 95.45 Acres
County: Waushara
Township: Aurora
Price Per Acre: $2,618
Taxes: $1,553.33
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Located in Waushara County Wisconsin this buck factory has all the right stuff to be home to the next county record buck.

You see, Waushara County has long been known for growing big heavy horned typical bucks often well in excess of the Boone and Crockett minimums and even huge non typical in excess of 200" are real. In fact the last 25 years many bucks from 180" to 204" have been taken from this often over looked county. Probably the most famous in recent years is the Brian Inda Buck. This was a Waushara County 197-5/8" typical and stood as #1 for years.

Waushara County is known for its vast areas of farmland surrounded by thick holding cover. Whatever couldn't be farmed was ignored. Most of these areas are damp grassy areas speckled with cottonwoods, aspen, tamarack, willow and red osier dogwood, which are exactly what these big boys need to call home. 

This particular property has great access throughout the land with walking trails and ATV access trails. The trails have been created to access food plots along with a series of old dykes and areas of high ground that give quick dry access even to the furthest stands on the property. 

Two separate food plots have been created and due to the extremely rich soils grow amazing tonnage. 

A quick walk around this property and you will realize this place is currently home to some really fine bucks. The place is littered with rubs scrapes and deer trails.

Areas of the property have been mowed and kept clear for recreational activities. The driveway is already in and has been way over built. It has room for the whole crew with plenty of extra room for toys and even a spot for camper.

We like to see properties that are very well kept as it makes it easier for the next owner to jump right in and this is definitely meets that criteria. 

  • 24 miles from Oshkosh
  • 41 miles from Appleton
  • 83 miles from Madison
  • 108 miles from Milwaukee


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