Tigerton 200 acres trophy managed

Comet Road Tigerton, WI

Tigerton 200 acres trophy managed

Comet Road Tigerton, WI
$1,149,000 200 Acres
County: Shawano
Township: Germania
Price Per Acre: $5,745
Taxes: $6,473.00
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or call Jeremy VanHulle at (920) 819-1338

Located in the famed Tigerton area of Shawano county, this trophy managed 200 acre parcel looks, feels and hunts much larger than the 200 acres itself.

The property is a unique combination of whitetail habitat consisting of hardwood ridges running North and South, Cedar and Hemlock bottoms with the Jackson Creek (spring fed and flowing year-round) creating a well used travel corridor. Mix in a large pond, lots of natural bedding areas and you have the makings of one of the top producing properties in the state of Wisconsin.

23 acres on the North side of the property was converted from hard maple to bedding cover. That cut along the topography created a magnificent sanctuary and privacy from others landowners. Additionally 23 acres of rented tillable land on the East for destination food, as well as 10 acres of food plots simply produces…. lots of bucks...big bucks and lots of fun.

Surrounded with larger tract owners, with very few hunters, very little hunting pressure created a large block of incredible neighbors. Couple that the right habitat, all practicing the same trophy management philosophies and you have what the pictures show you.

It took 8 years and the help of third party to acquire this parcel for the sole purpose of removing the negative impact of the prior owners, thus drastically reducing the hunting pressure making this 200 acre parcel what it is today and collectively improving the entire area.

After speaking with the client it is clear he is looking for the right buyer/neighbor who shares the same goals and philosophies related to managing mature whitetails and who would further enhance the value of the entire block well into the future.

 A little history: In year one of acquisition the property was not hunted….camera pics revealed some nice up and comers. In year two….as the hunting pressure was reduced…mature bucks moved into the area as the habitat plan began to take hold, and a huge 140” 8 pt was harvested with a bow. In year three with lack of pressure and increased bedding areas created another bow kill 164” with other mature bucks showing up on camera. There is one unique spot that yielded in just 3 sets…daytime sighting within bow range of 3 different bucks over 140”…all were passed. In year 4 you can see there are honest to god 200" deer on camera. 

This collective block as a whole has been managed for over 10 years. The block itself, and the land immediately adjacent to it has produced on the ground, more mature bucks than any other area that I am aware of in this area. A handful of giant 8 points….several in the 150’s, 6 in the 160’s , 6 in the 170’s, 1 in the 180’s, and several over 200”…not to mention other sightings etc.…

If you believe that this is the type of hunting that you would like to be involved in give us a call. We can schedule up a showing, get you in touch with with neighbors and show you why this area has and will continue to produce magnificent trophy whitetails. 

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