Shawano County hunting land tigerton area turn key dead end road

Curtis Ln Tigerton, WI

Shawano County hunting land tigerton area turn key dead end road

Curtis Ln Tigerton, WI
$389,900 80 Acres
County: Shawano
Township: Morris
Price Per Acre: $4,873
Taxes: $559.70
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Located in Tigerton, WI, this 80 acre property has southern access off a dead end road. 

This is truly an old farmstead that was abandoned left go and in recent years turned into a hunting property. Over the last several years the owner has put an incredible amount of time and energy and money into this property. They started with getting a good access road and then started planting new trees and cutting the neglected woods to try and get some good cover. Well, the plan is coming together and I assure you anytime of day there is wildlife roaming this property. 

This property is littered with rubs and scrapes and it's clear that during the rut this place must insanely fun to hunt.

The property is turn key, complete with enclosed blinds, food plots. The established warm season grasses not only act as visual barriers but also as cover for traveling and bedding.

To the north lies a southern exposed ridge that gives way to food plots, the south of the property is a mix of open area and forested lowland. The center of the property holds a small apple orchard next to a large pond that has lots of waterfowl coming and going.

As with any old homestead there are areas that have mature apple trees and hazelnut which the deer absolutely love.

Some areas of government program are planted in roundup-ready alfalfa, others in six year old pines, and yet others in warm season grasses. The same program has the taxes very affordable considering most property in the area is taxed at over $2000 per 40.

All the twists and turns around the food, water, and cover creates a lot of edges and makes this property hunt big.You may not find a more diverse property in the area!

Please respect private property and only view this property with an agent. 

Call Jeremy to set an appointment today 920-819-1338

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