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Perfect 80 in Lincoln County


79.82 acres of wooded land. ACCESS… everyone wants the perfect 80 Well, this is that 80! With trails throughout the property you can hunt just about every acre on this ground, and being in the MFL program it provides for lower taxes and income from select cuts. The forestry plan maximizes wildlife habitat and has brought forage closer to the ground for wildlife to feed on. The thick stands of pines have game trails zig-zagging in and out.  With areas that have been recently select-cut, there are plenty of transition zones and edges that funnel wildlife to hunt. Thick tag alders provide security cover to hold deer and for that mature buck to call home. Water, bedding cover, browse. What more do deer need to call home?

This ground is part of a larger tract of woods, so don’t be surprised if you get trail cam pics of bucks you haven’t seen before when the seeking and chasing phase of that special time of year rolls around. With agriculture in the immediate area it makes this property even more attractive. Better yet, the southwestern corner has an open area that would be perfect for planting a food plot. Done right, it should draw deer from neighboring properties, making this piece of ground one of the best in the area! Now… add in the almost 1300... YES, 1300 acres of lumber company land to your south in MFL open program, your 80 acres turns in to almost 1400 acres of hunting ground. Will others be out there on the MFL open land…? Yep, but you can only come in from the back side of that, so any pressure will push wildlife towards you. The seller says that from the southern property line there isn’t a road for a mile. Now how many hunters are going to walk that far back? VERY, VERY few!

This property has several permanent stands situated throughout the property, so you may have immediate options to hunt this property. Property has multiple access points which enhance your opportunities to keep that mature buck guessing and plays a role in a successful hunt. Deer, bear, bobcat, and grouse have been seen on the property, giving you plenty of year round hunting opportunities. Property is being offered at $129,900- that’s just a little over $1600 an acre!

Call/text/email Patrick Young at 920-676-3389,

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