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Jeremy VanHulle

Jeremy VanHulle

(920) 819-1338

Being born and raised in Northeast Wisconsin, Jeremy grew up hunting but it wasn’t until he was introduced to bow hunting when he was 10 that he would become completely obsessed with hunting whitetails. Jeremy has laid down his fair-share of whitetails over the years and his passion only seemed to get stronger as he got more experience and became a more proficient hunter. But that’s just the tip of the ice berg in where his drive and passion comes from.

After graduating high school Jeremy pursued a civil engineering degree but that direction quickly changed when he was introduced to the Abstract and Title Insurance business. After that he spent many years learning the “Land Trade” everything from how property was divided by the government, searching public records, understanding the fundamentals of real estate, chain of title events, mapping legal descriptions to handling real estate transactions to closing. This proved to be the perfect stepping stone into property sales.

Now after nearly a decade of real estate experience and seeing how the small town service was getting lost.  Jeremy decided that Whitetail Dreams Real Estate LLC would be a perfect company for helping hunters looking for that dream property. Old school customer service is how Whitetail Dreams Real Estate LLC will operate, combining his vast real estate experience with his passion for the outdoors and extraordinary customer service.  Jeremy is uniquely qualified to help you in your next land sale or purchase by providing the expertise of a full time real estate broker that loves the outdoors as much as you.

Patrick O'Hearn

Patrick O'Hearn

(920) 227-3860

A Wisconsin and Michigan licensed real estate broker, Patrick has been helping people buy and sell recreational property since 1995. Particular areas of specialty are recreational lots and land, Wisconsin hunting land for sale, Wisconsin lakes lots, Menominee River property, and cabin and cottage property for sale. Whether he's in the woods or on the water, Patrick is often heard saying, "I can't believe this is my job." Outside of the world of real estate, Patrick is a married father with two children, who also share his love of the great outdoors. If you're on the hunt for a vacation property in Wisconsin or Michigan, please give Patrick a call.

Ryan Bessette

Ryan Bessette

(715) 881-1756

Ryan was born and raised in Northeast Wisconsin where he spent his days hunting and fishing. You can still find him in the spring on the Wolf River fishing Walleyes and in a deer stand chasing whitetails in the fall. Ryan had a passion for deer hunting ever since he was young, but it was really put into motion when he got to go on his first deer hunt with his dad when he was eight years old. A memory that will live with Ryan forever.

Ryan graduated from UW-Stevens Point with a degree in Wildlife Management. His work experiences range from land management to land acquisitions. He has worked throughout the state of Wisconsin; especially focusing efforts in the Northeast region, Southeast region, Central Sands, and Coulee. Ryan is passionate about the outdoors, especially maintaining them in the most natural state.

Ryan currently resides in the Shawano area with his wife and daughter. He loves spending time outdoors with his family; from shed hunting, to fishing, camping, and hunting. Ryan loves taking his wife to the stand and teaching her as much as he can about the sport of bow hunting. He can’t wait until he can take his daughter on her first deer hunt. His biggest hope is that she can harvest the animal of any hunter’s dreams. Ryan loves sharing stories and experiences about wildlife and land, he hopes he can share some of his knowledge and advice with you.  

Patrick Guyse

Patrick Guyse

(608) 547-7816

Being born and raised by a family of hunters and fishermen Patrick has been chasing anything that moves or swims since he was old enough to pick up a BB gun or a Zebco fishing pole. He largely attributes his passion for the outdoors to his father. Patrick and his dad have spent countless day’s hunting together throughout central/south-central Wisconsin. Bow hunting whitetail deer quickly surpassed all other pursuits the first time his dad put him up in a portable stand with a bow in hand at age twelve. A few short months later he harvested his first deer while sitting in a stand with his grandfather. To say hunting is a way of life in his family would be an understatement.

This obsession led him to pursue a BS in Forest Management at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. His education and work experience has provided him with land management and hunting opportunities in Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, and of course, Wisconsin. He is currently employed as a Procurement Forester for Nelson Hardwood Lumber Co., Inc. working throughout southwest Wisconsin’s driftless region. He works one-on-one with landowners to maximize the growth and health of their forest while enhancing wildlife habitat. Patrick understands this recreational land is a big investment that hunters often dream of. He has been entrusted by countless clients to have a dynamic impact on one of their most treasured assets. These relationships are developed by providing a knowledgeable, transparent customer service bond that often outlasts any written contract.

Patrick currently resides near La Valle in Sauk county with his wife, Monique. Monique was also raised hunting and fishing in southwest Wisconsin. They take numerous trips together every year that provide her with the opportunity to brag about catching more fish than him, and in some cases, bagging the bigger buck. They are fortunate enough to live on a small piece of ground adjacent to family property, allowing them the opportunity to walk out their back door and be hunting. Between working outdoors and living outdoors, it is safe to say Patrick has an idea of what it is to live the Whitetail Dreams lifestyle. Let him help you achieve your own Whitetail Dreams in the beautiful hills of southwest Wisconsin.

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